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Eat’s Better is a delicious, healthy, and sustainable Plant Based food brand for modern people with nutritional imbalance problems. We continue to make efforts to protect the Earth from products using pure vegetable ingredients instead of animal ingredients to eco-friendly packaging materials. We think and research to introduce new products with optimal taste and nutritional value to the market by utilizing The PlantEat’s data-based alternative animal raw material solution.

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It is a plant based mayo containing the health and savory taste of black beans, adding flavor to the soft blend of various ingredients.


We manufacture simple and balanced nutritional products such as crackers, tea cookies, and granola with plant based raw materials.


Eat's Better Earthmeal which uses only pure vegetable ingredients, is a nutritional structure containing high protein and provides a satisfying meal.


It's time for vegetable alternative milk, XILK. Experience a more delicious and rich plant based latte life