The PlantEat

Eat Plants For The Planet

The Plant Eat's slogan, "Eat Plants, For The Planet," means reducing meat consumption and eating plant foods for the health of the Earth's environment and humankind.

Excessive global meat production and consumption have significantly increased carbon emissions and caused a global nutritional imbalance, both of which have a negative impact on humanity and the Earth's environment.

We are focusing on developing pure vegetable food as one of the best solutions while keeping in mind the coexistence of humanity and nature as well as technological advancement.

Story 1.

Customers are supplied with meat via an unethical production method known as factory breeding. Mass factory farming significantly increases carbon emissions and seriously harms the environment.
Carbon dioxide and methane emissions produced by factory farming's highly contribute to climate change. We now recognize that man-made climate change poses a major threat to the entire globe and its inhabitants. We are not only launching a food system and agricultural revolution by exploring healthier alternatives to industrial farming, but we are also tackling one of the world's most serious environmental issues.
This is why we strive to develop plant-based food technology that can replace meat in order to create a more sustainable global environment.

Story 2.

In developing countries, environmental pollution and inequality contribute to issues such as malnutrition and hunger.
Improving food and nutrition security in households is a public health priority. Food insecurity is costly, has far-reaching consequences, and has an impact that extends beyond vulnerable populations.
We are attempting to address the global nutritional imbalance problem through food development and a food system that promotes peace and balance.

What will we obtain?

Because our product does not contain eggs, using "Eat's Better Mayo" (1 kg) instead of regular mayonnaise will save 3.4 trees and 8.54 square meters of land, as well as 95% of the water.

Our MIssion

We strive to solve global nutritional imbalances and create a sustainable world by developing innovative plant-based raw materials and producing tasty and nutritious plant-based foods.