The Ultimate Plant Milk


100% Plant-Based Beverage

100% Plant-Based Beverage

Oat Based Alternative Milk, Xilk

Silky Sweet Taste Lactose → Undefined Cane Sugar, Sugar Apple

Aromatic Milky Flavor Butterfat → Coconut Oil, Olive Oil

Satiety, Milk Foam, Milk Protein → Oat, Rice, Soybean and Sunflower Seed Protein

Created by Plant-based Alternative Making System

XILK is created by our own AI data-based FoodTech software called PAMS.

Blend of Plants

XILK is an alternative milk that combines various ideal vegetable ingredients.

So you can feel a much richer flavor and taste compared to the other plant milk.

Eco-Friendly Vegetable Beverage XILK

1 bottle of XILK can contribute to our environmental protection.


XILK as it is

Vegan Cafe Latte

Vegan Iced Latte

Vegan Strawberry Latte

XILK ❤️ Barista

2016 World Latte Art Champion

Barista Latte Art with XILK

XILK can even do Latte Art!
It is most difficult to have clean latte art with the other vegetable milk, but XILK was different. the milk foaming was excellent, so I could have a good latte art performance. The features of XILK that are medium-bodied, suitable flavor and texture, and soft on the throat can create an excellent vegan café latte.

Vegan Certificates

Vegan approved by the UK Vegetarian Society

We are a member of the US Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA).

We have been ranked as one of the world Food Tech 500 enterprises by being recognized d our food technology and sustainability.

‘FSSC22000’ is the strictest food safety system certification internationally. XILK is produced by FSSC22000 certified facility

Product Size

5 times cereal meals.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

XILK Oat Blend

Net Wt. Wt.: 24.7oz (730ml)

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Water, XILK Premix3 Oat protein, Rice protein, Soy protein), XILK premix4 (Custard apple power, Herb mix extract C), Unrefined cane sugar, Extra virgin olive oil, Brown rice oil.

Shelf Life: 12 months

Storage Directions: Keep at room temperature (1~35 C) before opening. Reseal the package and refrigerate after opening.

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