Through technological advancements, we hope to make new plant-based food products easily accessible to everyone. PlantEat is a food-tech startup that creates, develops, manufactures, distributes, delivers, and sells plant-based alternatives. It was founded to address social issues such as over-reliance on animal-based diets and global nutritional imbalances. The PlantEat initiative seeks to improve and promote balanced eating habits in order to keep everyone healthy and fit.

Jacob Yang | Founder and CEO


People suffer from nutritional imbalances and rely too heavily on animal foods, as well as various issues related to animal welfare and pollution caused by the mass breeding of animals. On the other hand, vast populations suffer from malnutrition and hunger in other parts of the world.

High-quality plant-based foods can help people eat less meat. Innovative plant-based food technology related to production and logistics can aid in resolving the global food imbalance problem, in which a massive surplus of food is wasted somewhere in the world.

What We Do

We are dedicated to using our goods and abilities to improve people's lives locally and globally. We want people to flourish, be their best, and live long and healthy lives! Balance leads to mental, bodily, and spiritual well-being.

Take good care of your body if you want to be your best. There is strength in conquering hardship, enjoying life’s challenges, and sharing a positive story with the world—fueling your journey with a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.

What We Organize

We are dedicated to creating a platform that assists consumers, team members, and collaborative businesses working to improve society. We are a reputable organization that spearheads plant-based initiatives and campaigns, promotes sustainable eating and living, and assists new vegans in gaining a foothold on the plant-based lifestyle in a friendly and supportive environment. Through plant-based diet, we at The PlantEat are helping to create a world in which all resources are used sustainably and there is food justice and security for all.

Our Target

We are dedicated to using our product, research, and development capabilities to improve people's lives locally and globally. Going vegan is a great way to learn more about nutrition and cooking while improving your diet. Getting your nutrients from plant foods frees up more space for health-promoting foods like whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables, which are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Innovative Snacks and Sauces

Flavor is the most important aspect of any food or beverage.
We have improved the flavor and taste of plant-based snacks and sauces in new and interesting ways.