Eat's Better Sauce - Fresh Mayo


Eat’s Better Sauce - Fresh Mayo

Smooth texture vegan mayo sauce just like cream cheese starting with aromatic basil flavor and finishing with fresh lemon taste

100% Plant-Based Ingredients

EAT’s Better Sauce series are Vegan approved
by UK vegetarian society.

Better Nutrition

Even on a diet, healthy and light mayonnaise is delicious
Zero Cholesterol and no need to worry about egg allergy because EAT’s Better Mayo does not include any egg ingredient.

Calories Comparison

Eat's Better Mayo has fewer calories and saturated fat than regular mayonnaise and contains less oil.

It's ideal for use as a point sauce while on a diet.

Better Ingredients

Eat’s Better uses Korean soybean flour and clean ingredients without refined sugar and chemical preservatives.

Eat's Better Mayo is made with high-quality Korean soybean flour.

Better Taste

Recommended Recipes for Eat’s Better Fresh Mayo

Any type of sandwich, bruschetta, bagel and toast

Better Taste

Salad and fresh vegetables

Kimbab and Californian roll

Product Size

Width: 2.36" (6cm)

Height: 6.88" (17.5cm)

Nutrition Facts - Fresh Mayo Sauce

Eat’s Better Fresh Mayo

Net Wt.: 8.47oz (240g)
Ingredients: Vegetable oil , Water , MW premix powder1, MW premix powder2, Soybean powder , Cidar vinegar , Unrefined cane sugar , Lemon concentrate , Basil oil, Flavored oil , Acidity regulator , Xanthan Gum , D tocopherol

Shelf Life: 12months

Storage Directions: Store in a cool, dry
place. Keep away from heat, direct
sunlight and moisture. Reseal package
and refrigerate after opening.

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