Eat's Better Sauce - Chipotle Mayo


Eat’s Better Sauce - Chipotle

The Perfect Reinterpretation of Chipotle Sauce

Mexican chili sauce, spicy and sour, meets tender mayonnaise. The best aftertaste is the smoky flavor. Boasting high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants, chillies have been found to help prevent lifestyle diseases including some cancers and stomach ulcers. Meanwhile, their ability to create heat within the body has also linked the peppers to weight loss as well as lowering the risk of type II diabetes.

100% Plant-Based Ingredients

EAT’s Better Sauce series are Vegan approved
by UK vegetarian society.

Better Nutrition

Even on a diet, healthy and light mayonnaise is delicious
Zero Cholesterol and no need to worry about egg allergy because EAT’s Better Mayo does not include any egg ingredient.

Calories Comparison

Eat's Better Mayo has fewer calories and saturated fat than regular mayonnaise and contains less oil.

It's ideal for use as a point sauce while on a diet

Better Ingredients

Eat’s Better uses Korean soybean flour and clean ingredients without refined sugar and chemical preservatives.

Eat's Better Mayo is made with high-quality Korean soybean flour.

Better Taste

Recommended Recipes for Eat’s Better Chipotle Mayo

Any type of Mexican foods such as Taco, Burrito, Fajita and etc.

Better Taste

French fries and various type of fried dishes.

Kimbab and Californian roll.

Winner of the World Plant Based Awards 2022

The PlantEat

Eat's Better Chipotle Mayo

Product Size

Width: 2.36" (6cm)

Height: 6.88" (17.5cm)

Nutrition Facts - Chipotle Mayo Sauce

Eat’s Better Chipotle Mayo

Net Wt. Wt.: 9oz (255g)

Ingredients : Vegetable oil, Soybean powder, Cider vinegar, Unrefined sugar cane sugar, Chipotle adobo sauce, Garlic powder, Cayenne pepper powder, Black pepper powder, Smoke paprika, Chipotle chili, Oleoresin rosemary, Xanthan Gum

Shelf Life : 12months

Storage Directions : Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from heat, direct sunlight and moisture. Reseal pack age and refrigerate after opening.

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